Madonna A Rod Plan Christmas In London

He wants the kids to be with their parents, but wants time with A-Rod too, said a source at the newspaper. Madonna was reported persuade boy says Alex A-Rod Rodriguez to join her in London for Christmas. The star has decided to spend the holidays in the capital so that Guy Ritchie can see their children, but is ready for A-Rod closely, according to the sun. The 4 Minute singer is apparently willing to pay for Rodriguez to stay in one of the city top hotels if you agree to come.

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Reds To Play Exhibition Game In Dayton

The exhibition game will take place on April 4 at Fifth Third Field, two days before the Reds season opener. Dragons season ticket holders, business partners and private owners will be offered first dibs, said Tom Nichol Dragons spokesman. Any remaining tickets will be made available to fans who sign on a waiting list to d The best of the championship teams Cincinnati Redsminor square with the big leaguers next year in downtown Dayton.

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The Dark Knight Tops Imdbs 25 Most Searched Movies Of 2008

Topping the list is drum roll The Dark Knight.No surprise there. In second place, and probably not much was the sensation known as Cultish Twilight.. The people of the Internet Movie Database, our one and only source of facts on film (even us our opinions from the farm message board, mind you) have released the list of the Top 25 Most Search Film of 2008.

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Valkyrie Star Tom Cruise Does Not Want To Talk About The Hills

Toms are doing the rounds on behalf of Valkyrie (good news, the film is actually really good!) And when I met with him during the weekend, I had only to ask him what was with the appearance Hills. I imagine that all is fair in love and war (and the promotion of a film). Tom Cruise knows nothing about The Hills. There was nothing more surreal catch Tom Cruise the hills after the presentation last week? If you havent caught by now, do yourself a favor. His memory laughter and say everything.

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Kanye West Is The Latest Artist Accused Of Faking It On Stage

But if his guilt or because of his sound, his attempt to serenade SNL The public has come out as weak at best, fueling rumors that he requires some help in heading the department. To be fair, West greatest strengths lie in the production and Rapping. Love Lockdown And The Album From Which It Hails 808s And Heartbreak is West first foray into singing. Kanye West himself added to the register of Music most infamous being mishaps Saturday when he failed to nail his performance of Love Lockdown a Saturday Night Live.

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Lily Allen Blogs On Her Rendition Of Quot Womanizer Quot

Lily Allen says that he sang his own version of Britney Spear hit single Womanizer because I Love Britney And I Love The Song. I asked to talk about everything, so it wouldn t get ripped, but not him t, thanks mark for me in serious trouble with my record company. In a post on his MySpace blog, Allen, 23, writes: now some of you may be why I wonder covered womanizer , simple, in fact, i love britney and I love the song, which was for t My intention is to have whizzed around the world as it is, mark Ronson asked me for something no one had heard to play his radio show and womanizer was the only song I had as an attachment to my notice and I couldn t home to send him anything else in time.

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